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January 8, 2024

From the pre-conceptions of what was considered art to modern times, when sound waves were studied through scientific experiments, music was present to delight us with rhythm and lyrics. Our brains immediately associate feelings produced by the song, and, as incredible as it sounds (reads in this case), people´s bodies can dance with the same movements no matter their country of origin. In other words, when you are happy, your dance move can be very similar to another person from a different continent. Cool, right? However, what is also cooler are the endless possibilities when music is combined with digital trends like the Web3. To explore them, our business team leader, Kaoru Kimura, conducted a special DAO class using Clubs as a case study as part of his lecture for the Tokyo School of Music & Dance (TSM).

The TSM has been collaborating with the music and entertainment industries since its founding in 1987 to develop and nurture gifted people who are "ready to work" in the field. Through "corporate projects", and hands-on classes with front-line companies and professionals, students hone their skills in real-world work situations such as concert production, music production, backup dancing, TV, radio, and stage appearances, to be ready to excel in the industry.

During the lecture, Kaoru explained to the student the capabilities of Clubs, and how these can be used to advance their music careers. He introduced some examples of DAOs in the overseas music industry and illustrated the procedure for issuing membership NFTs using Clubs and how to vote in the community.

Given the no-code experience of Clubs, students, instructors, faculty, and outside experts from different backgrounds can build teams effectively. From finding a promising guitar player, receiving feedback on your latest single, or just sharing your art, Clubs is a handy tool for musicians. The best part is that the DEV Protocol flagship product includes a membership function whose subscribers need to be authenticated through a KYC process. Hence, school groups and institutions, like TMS, will be able to provide a safe and secure place where their art contributions are shared with society.

The lecture was part of the Web3 Music Lab, which explores the music business in the Web3 era by explaining the fundamentals of the music business and taking a practical approach as a student release their works using the blockchain-powered infrastructure. Its lecturer, Yoshihiro Saito, is the President of MUDEA and CEO of EXDREAM Corporation, who is leading the way for the future of music by developing cutting-edge technology as a composer and machine learning researcher.

Introducing Clubs to students from the TSM is not random, as the DEV Protocol team is following the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) strategy to take a “leapfrog” of high schools and universities towards innovative digital fields. Although it is not an easy task, the team believes DAO-themed classes are suitable for students to learn new decision-making, communication techniques, result-oriented creative work, and, at the same time, deepen their knowledge of Web3.    

Derived from the activity hold, the vice principal of higher education curriculum in Jikei Group of Colleges, Yosuke Kato, commented: “Frame00 [DEV Protocol’s Japanese legal entity] kindly offered us a cutting-edge technology class where students can learn through practical application at Clubs, a service that leverages our knowledge and experience. We look forward to your continued support for an updated learning environment and digital talent development for our students.”

Are you a Japanese or overseas academic institution that wants us to deliver a DAO-oriented workshop or a corporation that wants to immerse into the Web3 universe? Contact us! We will gladly collaborate you!

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