The Future of fundraising DAOs, with Clubs

December 15, 2022

For a while now, behind the scenes we have been making many connections with organizations and companies who have shown interest in our Clubs product. Today is a special day because we have finally been able to reveal what the Temples DAO project at Kougenji will look like. The perk tiers that come with supporting Temples DAO each offer something unique and we believe will serve as an example to other prospective projects in the future.

Temples DAO, Preserving important historical works and culture. (See Club link.)

The most important part however, is showing how DAOs and other projects are able to earn sustainable donations through the Dev Protocol, while also offering benefits and community to supporters. Temples DAO is close to our heart as cultural and historical preservation is one of the main inspirations for starting this project. Our CEO Mayumi Hara talked to traditional artisans about the lack of funding for sites of cultural importance as well as the lack of new artisans with the ability to repair these sites, entering the field. The solution designed to tackle this problem and many others was offering sustainable funding through the use of Web3 and blockchain technology.

About TemplesDAO

TemplesDAO aims to preserve Buddhist arts and assets throughout Japan. The main benefactor is Suiundoh, Inc., whose main business is restoring temples, national treasures and Buddha statues. Suiundoh’s plan is to collect sustainable financial support by staking, and providing supporters with Perks at the same time in an effort to fulfill gaps from other philanthropic aid.

Suiundoh’s business is quite unique as they not only restore buildings and gates within temples, but also create items found within the temples including statues and ritual articles. Their goal is to preserve precious cultural assets in Japan while at the same time passing down materials and technology so that younger generations are able to restore them at a later time. Dev Protocol’s sustainable funding system was adopted by Suiundoh due to sharing a common goal of “sustainability”.

Throughout Japan and the world, funding for preservation of cultural sites of importance continues to be a struggle. We believe in the Dev Protocol and that ultimately it can be the solution for many of these struggling projects seeking funding. We’re not limiting ourselves to just cultural sites, but rather any organizations, projects, individuals, etc. that need funding. If others follow the example of Kougenji and embrace new technology to solve age old problems, we believe they can succeed here on our platform.

In the future we expect many others to use the blueprint shown today to create, tokenize and ultimately create a community of support to offer sustainable funding for their project. For supporters, we believe that the perks received for supporting through staking, will be a badge of honor to prove that you made a difference. We’re excited to show you more in the upcoming year and hope you are excited as we are at the potential we see for the Dev Protocol.

-Andrew , Dev Protocol

Participate in the restoration of cultural heritage. (See project link.)

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