The fourth and last part of the "Web3 Report" is about to land!

May 9, 2024

As the post of March 29th, the last part of the Web3 report will arrive soon in your mail.

The third part showed how the Clubs Governance is being envisioned so far and how it will differ depending on the creator’s nature (B2B - B2C). Even though a few adjustments are expected to come, the base idea will remain the same.

The world is going through the fasted pace in history. The Web3 world is going even faster. Hence, it is fundamental to be updated on the latest developments of how societies are adopting decentralized mechanisms, and, even more importantly, how they are thinking to regulate them. That is why the last part of the Web3 report will take its readers around the globe to explore the different advancements in laws governments have passed regarding decentralized protocols, applications, and cryptocurrencies. The value of this bonus track of the series is to adequately measure the progress of different use cases to correctly predict how fast or slow a massive adoption will come. In the end, government regulations act like either as a catalyzer or a freezer.

The last part of the series will have the following structure:

  • Definition and operation of government regulation
  • Web3 regulation
    • Degree of advancement per country
    • Positive efforts
    • Negative efforts

As always, the Web3 report is free-of-charge. You only need active or draft Clubs, and you will automatically receive the report in your email.

After user registration is completed, the report will be delivered on May 22.

In case you do not have a Club yet. Do not worry! Here are the steps to set it up:

  1. Access the official website.
  2. Click on “Start your Club”.
  3. Set your preferred domain.
  4. Register your "email address" in the account linkage.
  5. Enjoy your Web3 Superpowers.

In case you need help, we will assist you with our featured step-by-step guide.

Do not miss the opportunity to access one of the most complete Web3 governance knowledge so far developed!

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