The wait for the web3 subscription & DAO platform “Clubs” is over. Creators are now experiencing the new way to fundraise projects!

March 22, 2023

With no coding skills needed, creators are building incentivized community hubs with web3 tools like NFTs and more.

The Dev Protocol team, home of the $DEV token, has officially released the long-awaited Clubs platform on March 22 at Clubs is a resource for creators to gain access to sustainable funding, a platform for incentivizing community engagement and offers help in growing audiences. The Clubs launch comes after months of beta testing and just at the right time to fill in the much needed gaps in a growing market.

■ Key Features

Clubs offers a free no-code DAO and blockchain subscription platform powered by Dev Protocol’s innovative web3 framework which enables entrepreneurs, creators, artists and more to gain access to sustainable funding while growing and engaging their communities.

  1. Feature 1 "Create your own Web3 home"
  2. Feature 2 "Unlimited Membership"
  3. Feature 3 "Our Plug & Play DAO tool"

Feature 1

Clubs makes it easy! By choosing built-in templates and plugins that suit your project’s industry and style, building an engaging 'Web3 home' for your community only takes minutes, and requires no coding skill.

Feature 2

Setting up membership frameworks for your community is simple with Clubs’ unique Membership NFTs which act as dynamic “membership cards”. This enables supporters to join your community, participate for rewards, gain deeper access to behind the scenes, and more!

Feature 3

Web3 is no longer complicated - Clubs has built-in authentication, tokens, NFT and DeFi options, which get you started quickly by following a few simple steps. The marketplace, where you can explore new plugins and themes, will soon be open to third parties and more Web3 tools will be available for installation.

Clubs is in official collaboration with Polygon Studios.

Examples of use

Temples DAO:

Temples DAO is developing new value creation and support for the succession of traditional businesses by crossing 'traditional architectural artisans' and Web3. The demonstration is carried out through DAO as a pioneering step, from raising funds for temple-related restoration, to sharing the restoration process and actual visits to the temple.(


A visual artist and musician, TAITO OTANI's DAO was created for the purpose of "Co-Work" (creating together and helping each other). It aims to be a cooperative group, not only in the joint production of artworks, but also in the curation of human resources to handle local language support for overseas development.

JILL LAMM DAO (Coming soon)

LAMM DAO is a "playground" that is "serious" about anime, manga, and other uniquely evolved Japanese culture. With business artist "Jill Lamm", anime, music and fashion are reinterpreted from various angles. Let's pop and rewrite the world together.

Clubs Starter Grant

*Eligibility for the campaign will be reviewed based on the submitted information provided on the form. Apply here.

■ About Dev Protocol

Dev Protocol has been pioneering the innovative Web3 sustainable creator economy since 2018. The technology enables a sustainable creator economy for Web3 through secure tokenization technology. The Japanese headquarters cooperates with the creator communities, while the Swiss subsidiary operates as a token-issuing entity and works with various institutions.

-Andrew and Matthew

If you would like a demo of Clubs or would like to know how to register, please visit the support page and help center.

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