PLAY! Clubs Newsletter - September

October 6, 2023

Hello hello, another month down building out Clubs, and, of course, the latest edition of the community newsletter comes with it. So, take a 5-minute break from your routine and enjoy reading about the ultimate improvements of Clubs, get to know DEV protocol’s team members, and share fascinating (fun) facts.

Before starting…

According to Forbes, to avoid trillions of USD per year on bills, the workplace has to be sharper in effective communication skills. A tip that the DEV team follows is to communicate the right way. An example of that good practice is this month the product team scheduled three feature demos (CrossMint payments, Memberships, and Posts). The whole team knew what the product team had to accomplish, but, illustrating the features through live sessions, allowed the members to be on the same page, and went a step further by assigning related tasks like writing user manuals (support team), user validations (business team), and QA for debugging (product team). A great example of communication and collaboration!

Ok cool, but what did we do this month?

  • The founders had to juggle a range of tasks between management and public relationships. The latter was more about a streaming presentation rather than cave art (do you know that PR started as cave drawings of Egyptian pharaohs?). Aggre was invited by Joichi Ito, Board Member and Chief Architect of Digital Garage, to be part of a live show about the presentation of Crypto Cafe Clubs. On the other hand, Mayumi and Mariko reviewed various status updates of features regarding the most recent release cycle, and, to make sure the team would be aware of the plans for the next release, they developed an overall plan in line with the strategy adopted last month. (Kindly remind: The strategy will focus on developing even more functionalities for creators to build and monetize a community in Clubs).
  • Besides doing business, of course, one of the tasks of the business team is to pursue the social mission of Clubs to empower creators through win-win use cases. By following this endeavor, Kaoru is beginning to discuss a DAO-powered use case for a leading public service company in Japan to support a town with around 50k people to maintain its infrastructure. This project wants to promote a quest in their DAO for the change of local areas in Japan instead of just collecting property tokens. Additionally, the service of Crypto Café, one of the biggest projects of the quarter, will be released soon. A press release and a physical opening party are expected to happen in October. Wait for it!
  • The product team, as it was mentioned earlier, worked restlessly to develop the feature demos, which can have multiple internal and external uses. For instance, the pay-by-card plugin demo will allow users who are not so familiar with Web3 to buy Clubs’ memberships with credit cards and hold memberships with their emails. Also, the product team has also been working on a store plugin, previously known as the slot memberships plugin. The first basic implementation of the plugin has been completed and tested. Clubs’ users can create a collection of memberships, which are either limited for a time- or amount-limited. Finally, the post plugin is now fully functional. We will be announcing a release soon, so please look forward to it.
  • The governance and operations team led by Mariko was busy organizing core processes and, also, small details for the correct functioning of Clubs. The Privacy Policy (PP) and Terms and Conditions (T&C) were reviewed and updated. The latter task can be considered small, but as the phrase said: “The devil lies in the details”, so the DEV protocol team wants to ensure a clear and safe space to use the platform. In addition, the eKYC process was defined by using a third-party provider and its implementation will likely happen in the next weeks. Mariko has assessed every aspect of the deal to have a bulletproof process once it is developed. The next steps to follow are to create a prototype, MVP-like, on Figma to illustrate the planned governance features, which will run throughout October/November.

Allow us to introduce you to…

Mariko Miyamoto, our COO and cofounder. She lives in Tokyo with her two elementary school-aged sons. She enjoys tea ceremonies and Japanese literature. In the past weeks, she has been enjoying wearing clothes that are made from upcycled kimonos. Thank you Mariko for being part of the 26% of people who have sustainable consumption.

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to connect and learn in the PLAY! Clubs community!

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