PLAY! Clubs Newsletter - October

November 3, 2023

Hi dear Clubbers! It is the beginning of a new month! This means it is time for another version of the community newsletter. This past month, October, time flew as we have major improvements and updates to share with you as well as more humor-led fun facts and team members’ introductions. Let’s begin!

What did we do this month?

  • Remember when in a previous community newsletter, we said that Aggre was wearing the 10’s shirt? Well, this month, he wore the goalkeeper as the debugging tasks, especially for Posts and the metadata for sToken, were on his charge, assuring a smooth functioning for the release. On the other hand, competent CEOs paint their vision vividly and regularly, among other good practices, to bring their vision to life. That is why Mayumi is brainstorming on our Discord channel for the next features to be released. Some ideas have been shared, like the ability to join an anime-watching party for NFT holders or automatically generated OGP for the default theme based on an uploaded picture.
  • Something important that was absent from the community newsletter, until now, was the analytics dashboard created by the product team. As Peter Drucker once said: “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”, which is pretty accurate to describe the compass of the continuous work done by Stu, Shubham, and Yashdesu. Also, the product team developed, tested, and deployed the withdrawal page. With a comprehensive UI, your Club will display how much DEV/USDC/MATIC you have made through membership sales, how much DEV you have made staking, and other useful details. This feature is another milestone towards the creation of a sustainable creator’s economy as it will allow users to withdraw the funds they have earned through membership sales (This is huge guys! Please give a round of applause to the product team!).
  • Did you know that the user’s engagement increases by 6x when a message uses written and multimedia resources? (That is why Kaoru, the leader of the business team, dedicated his time to planning multiple press releases about strategic partners we are doing business with. As most of these releases will come soon and others are just “drafts”, we can give some sneak peeks about the work! 1) a plan to promote the community through DAOs using Clubs, 2) a seminar for schools and businesses on DAOs and Clubs, 3) a plan to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities on Clubs, and 4) two new DAO initiatives just waiting for credit card (CC) payment rollout, 5) A big IT player is paying attention to Clubs’ use case. To be honest, the work led by Kaoru must have some degree of discretion as most business updates can not be public until they are confirmed, and also because it is bad luck too 😉.
  • This time, the governance team had to eat their vegetables first, as Mariko, assisted by other team members, organized, curated, and complemented the Terms and Conditions (T&C) and Terms of Use (No, they are not the same! Seriously!). The prior is the focus of creators, project owners, and the latter is for members of each Club and for purchasers with fiat money. Also, an Act on Specified Commercial Transactions was added as a set of rules for Clubs that use VeriTrans payments, one of our latest incorporated features. Safety and reliability are the state of mind of the governance team, so we will develop a googolplex amount of agreements to ensure them 💪🏼. All the documents are contained here for you.
  • In chess, every piece is fundamental to developing a strategy. For instance, there are a total of 355 different paths to mate using three moves, which includes around from 4 to 8 pieces to execute. The support team, which has not been mentioned until now, has been doing behind-the-curtain work to make everything happen smoothly. A great example of this is Kent’s user guides. As there are many features that will be implemented into Clubs, the management team asked Kent to expand the help pages for users of Clubs to facilitate the life of our beloved creators. The English version of the guide will be published one article at a time as soon as it is completed. If there is a feature you would like to know more about, please tell us! We will be more than happy to listen to you!

What you can not miss…

This month we had an important milestone in the timeline of Clubs. A set of features were released to make life easier for the Club’s creators. Did you miss the release? As the iconic song says: “Don't You Worry Child” because here is an article that contains everything you need to know about the features and the guides about its usage.

Allow us to introduce you to…

Masako Arita, our general manager and support team member. She is delighted to be working with international and collaborative team members. Mother of three prospective baseball players, Masako enjoys cheering their baseball team. To balance her professional and personal life, Masako practices yoga (”Namaste” to all yogis!).

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to connect and learn in the PLAY! Clubs community!

The DEV Protocol team

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