PLAY! Clubs Newsletter - November

December 6, 2023

Hi dear Clubbers! As you may notice, December is knocking on our door, which means two things. Every possible shopping center, store, and corner in the city is decorated with either Christmas lights or a Christmas Tree, and your community newsletter of November is here! So bring your hot chocolate and traditional sweet pastry (we know you have at least one version on the list), and join us in discovering last month's latest news, updates, and fun facts.

Before starting…

Many people have been asking us how to receive the community newsletter straight into their mail or if a subscription is attached to it. Although the idea of adding a revenue stream to Clubs is tempting, we will leave aside our inner Scrooge McDuck this time, as the newsletter was conceived as a bridge to our community and Dev Protocol´s team. So, you only need to scroll down to the very end of this page and type your mail, and you are done!

What did we do this month?

  • The Founder team this month had it clear regarding the priorities to focus on. As DevProtocol is progressing fast, having at least one update per week, Mayu has assembled a complete Public Relationships (PR) schedule and created media content templates to communicate these updates to our community properly. On the other hand, Aggre worked, like a swordsmith curve and polished a Katana, on running Quality Assurance (QA) tasks and fine-tuning Clubs´ UI, especially the social login.
  • Given that the product team is located in two different time zones, India (GMT+5:30) and Japan (GMT+9), the development work performed by Stu, Shubham, and Yashdesu has no rest. When one goes for lunch, the other starts the day, and so on. That restless work is reflected in the continuous progress made in the KYC (pre-step to withdraw the Clubs’ earnings), localization (automated text translation based on your access point), and Collections feature. Also, as everything starts and ends with a DB, some refactoring work was done to scale up the posts plugin.
  • Kaoru, who leads the business team, rolled his sleeves this month as he completed some important deals. To start, TANA DAO, a community dedicated to cultivating terraced rice paddies, went live thanks to Kaoru´s efforts and network. A demo for a water sanitation facility took place some days ago with a “clear” future ahead for the project. Finally, the business team delivered two lectures about DAO at the Tokyo School of Music. You may be guessing why. Simple! Creators of music content must be supported from earlier ages and encouraged to continue their work.
  • The governance team, led by Miya, had more desk-related work. The team researched and evaluated work with enterprises' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), analyzing the scope and possible risks. Also, the Club's KYC article was made and posted some days ago, symbolizing the start of the club’s governance structure, which was planned and developed months ago. Finally, a task that will run until December, the team is assessing the creation of a revenue stream through B2B consultancy services.

What you can not miss…

On November 27th, the founder and business team gave a DAO workshop for companies. Mayu, Mariko, Aggre, and Kaoru delighted the audience with the pragmatic use of Clubs to solve enterprises’ complex problems. The use cases presented are part of Kaoru's plan to expand Club adoption in the B2B segment.

Here are some pictures of the event!

If you work in a company or NGO that wants to take its community to the next level with Web3 superpowers, send us a message!

Allow us to introduce you to…

Aggre, our CTO. He developed Dev Protocol from its concept and led the launching of Clubs. Although he writes code daily, he also still watches 2-3 animes daily. So everyone suspects that his time management and efficiency are done for animes. If you want to connect with him, check out his Clubs.

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to connect and learn in the PLAY! Clubs community!

The DEV Protocol team

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