PLAY! Clubs Newsletter - June

July 3, 2023

Hello Clubers! We are overenthusiastic to announce that, from now on, we will be closer as our community newsletter will be released on the first day of each month. The newsletter intends to inform about news and updates about PLAY! Clubs, as well as introduce team members, share fun facts, and enjoy a 5-minute read together!

Some background first

As this is our first edition, we want to introduce what is THE project that keeps us awake every night and maintain us busy during the day. Clubs is a no-code DAO platform powered by the innovative DAO framework of Dev Protocol. The solution is characterized by its free and easy-to-use tools to build a community at web3.

PLAY! Clubs is proudly a Japanese solution managed by an international team. We have at least one team member in 3 out of the 5 continents. When we said international, we really meant it. Currently, there are 13 Dev Protocolers who are behind the scenes and make the magic happen.

The platform of PLAY! Clubs were developed by Dev Protocol, the leading DAO framework embraced by an open-source community that empowers you to unleash infinite ideas and ignite the web3 economy for everyone. The legal organizations representing DEV Protocol are Frame00 Inc. and DEV Null AG. Both are private companies established in Zug, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan, respectively.

So, to the point, what did we do this month?

  • The founder team was busy as usual, but they had enough time to share their vision about cutting-edge technologies. Our CTO, Aggre, talked at the “Web3 and next generation distributed Internet technologies” conference organized by SKY Perfect JSAT, one of our investors. The event brought together researchers from large Japanese companies and scholars from universities. On the other hand, Mayu, the CEO, is writing an article for a professional journal about "The Potential of Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)”. Of course, we will bring more updates about its release.
  • Startups evolve fast, probably faster than the team can communicate to its stakeholders. However, Mayu took the time to assemble everything that we did so far and summarized it on the new Dev Protocol website (yes, this is your second opportunity to go to the website).
  • The product team, led by Aggre, is on the verge of releasing new features related to credit card payments and eKYC. These updates will make life easier and safer for our creators.
  • We have been working hard to add support for Credit Card payments on Clubs, specifically for… (big partnership coming soon!).
  • Also, CrossMint was chosen to be used, creating new smart contracts (ERC20SimpleCollections, SwapAndStake, and JPY Simple Collection support), updating our utility library dev kit, improving UI, and having ongoing discussions on how we'll support multiple currencies (like Japanese Yen).
  • A productive meeting with Ondato, a KYC provider, was held. We are reviewing their documentation to determine if they will be a good fit for our platform.
  • Finally, the product team was focused on two functional improvements. One is related to minting on Niwa, and the other pertains to JSON validation when saving data in the admin area on Clubs.
  • The business team, led by Kaoru, has successfully organized five study sessions, with a fantastic turnout of approximately 100 participants. It's incredible to see the growing interest.
  • Join us for our weekly study session with Kaoru Kimura, where we dive deep into fascinating topics. It's an hour of knowledge-sharing, insights, and interactive discussions. Don't miss out on this amazing learning opportunity!
  • In addition, dedicated support and a new DAO structure will be released in the following months (stay tuned for more news).
  • The governance team, led by Mariko, has a deep dive into the global regulatory framework of blockchain technologies. The purpose of the research was to assess the KYC standards of Japanese and Global regulators to understand how laws could evolve in the near future. DEV Protocol and its flagship development, PLAY! Clubs, give priority to the safety of their users as both comply with the laws and regulations.

Allow us to introduce you to…

Martin Ruilova, our Operation, and Governance Analyst. He joined the team in August 2021. He comes from La Paz, Bolivia, the highest capital in the world at 3,650 meters. Martín loves cats, but he never had one, that is, probably, the reason why he still loves them. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to connect and learn in the PLAY! Clubs community!

The Dev Protocol team

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