PLAY! Clubs Newsletter - August

August 31, 2023

Hi Clubers! Another month in the books of the time, so August’s newsletter is here to thrill our community about news and updates of PLAY! Clubs, as well as to introduce team members and share fascinating facts. Grab a cup of coffee or [insert here your favorite beverage] and enjoy the reading.

Before starting…

Do you know that the DEV Protocol team holds at least 10+ e-meeting hours per month? Even though almost all of the team works remotely, the meetings are still necessary to plan and monitor the progress of milestones. Most of the meetings are focused on development and business.

As Japanese people are always thinking about tomorrow (seriously Japan is 16 hours ahead of California, Pacific Standard Time), this month has established the strategy to follow for Q4 - 2023 and part of 2024, which will be focused on developing even more functionalities for creators to build and monetize a community in Clubs. The overall plan along with the objectives will be in line with it.

What did we do this month?

  • As with every startup core team, the founders were working on every aspect of the company. To start, Mayu updated the Club’s Deck and one-pager to reflect the most recent changes in the product of Clubs along with the website. These communications materials will be the protagonist in a couple of weeks when the collaboration with many companies and projects kicks off. On the other hand, Aggre wore the 10-shirt this month as he designed the UI for limited collections, store, check-out, and the update of many other features. His vision is to deliver not only the most functional product but also the easiest.
  • It says that a startup product is envisioned by the founders, constructed by engineers, but molded by clients. The business team led by Kaoru took the latter phrase very seriously as they mapped a list of features and information that enterprises may want to know when they start a DAO. The +10 requirements will be assessed to be implemented in the next sprints for the product team. Also, Kaoru is in talks with major projects, exciting news is coming!
  • The product team earned this month the “Octopus” nickname. Not because Stu, Shubham, or Yashdesu have blue blood or more than one brain (probably this one is true), but because they have been multitasking like one. To start, they got an API documentation auto-generating for Clubs Core, which makes life easier. In addition, they implemented Limited Memberships (feature to offer time-sensitive memberships), multiple currency support (integration of different payment providers to support fiat payments when buying memberships), and Posts (social media-like publications feature to share content with reactions, comments, etc.).
  • The governance team led by Mariko was busy completing the development of governance features for Clubs. The next task to be completed is a prototype to be tested with some beta users. Also, she defined the process for the eKYC procedures for domestic and international people. The objective of these procedures is to find a balance between anonymity and safety for Clubs’ users. Finally, the first draft of the Sandbox application is ready to be reviewed. The Sandbox is a program that allows for rapid demonstration of innovative technologies and business models offered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan.

What you can not miss…

The innovation of Temple DAO, a Clubs-powered solution, took the spotlight on Japan's TV show, Tokyo MX's "HISTORY. Discover the fusion of tradition and digital as Temple DAO takes on this challenge.

Allow us to introduce you to…

Stuart is one of our core developers of Clubs. He joined the team in September 2021. He comes from New Jersey, US, but has lived in Japan for many years. Stuart loves drum machines, old movies, and hiking around the nearby mountains. Connect with him on GitHub.

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to connect and learn in the PLAY! Clubs community!

The Dev Protocol team

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