Huddle01 supercharge Clubs with high-quality audio/video

April 24, 2024

Post now has a new superpower for managing a community, the ability to create video conferences in seconds.

After the pandemic, our behavior with video calls radically change. Now people are using platforms like Zoom for various activities, including birthday celebrations and corporate meetings. For better or worse, platforms like Teams, meets, zoom, and Facetime are here to stay as a new channel to do whatever you want. For creators, video/audio calls have also become a popular way to increase engagement with their audiences by hosting paid events.

A powerful feature need a powerful ally

The "Posts" plugin within Clubs has evolved to enhance communication within your own spaces, with features like voting and multi-feed capabilities. Through a partnership with Huddle01, developing the dRTC (decentralized real-time communication) network, we can now support deeper engagement and dynamic dialogue. Trying to explain Huddle01‘s partnership importance in a nutshell is virtually impossible, but here is our best shot. To date, the RTC platform has +80K meetings, +30K Users, and +2M video and audio minutes. It took the team 17 minutes to build and connect the app! That says a lot about its comprehensive software development kit (SDK). Moreover, it has additional functionalities like cascading behind for scalability and token gating in-built. However, probably the most important matter, the Huddle01 team is great and fun to work with!

Here are some highlights of the Huddle01 amazing feature:

#1 Set your meeting by clicking only two bottoms

The fastest way to set up a virtual meeting in the world. Zoom takes 4 steps to set up a meeting, and Google Meets takes 3 including sharing the link.

#2 Every video conference functionality and more!

Set up a video/audio conference with all the configurations of traditional video communication. Set up the camera, audio, duration, hosting, and background. Creators can even record the meeting to save it for later.

#3 Organize when the meeting/events will happen

Schedule the date and time for the virtual conference, and enjoy how smoothly is the process to join after.

#4 Access based on memberships

A traditional way to restrict the use of multiple video channels is to either invite or share the link. However, with Clubs, it is just a matter of setting a configuration, and every user with the allowed membership will have access to the corresponding meetings/events.

Examples of Utilizing Online Meetings:

  1. Hosting Workshops
  2. Broadcasting Paid Live Events
  3. Organizing Fan Meetings, Q&A Sessions, and More.
Clubs: Online Meeting Participation Screen in Posts
Clubs: Online Meeting Participation Screen in Posts(during a call)

How to install the plugins?

After signing in to Clubs and setting up your community, you need to:

  • Go to your Clubs dashboard.
  • Click on “Marketplace”.
  • Look for the icon.
  • Add the plug-in for free!

New in Clubs?

Do not worry about it, with these simple steps you can set your Clubs in minutes:

  • Go to the Clubs’ website.
  • Select "Start your Club”.
  • Enter the domain name, basic info, design, and membership (everything is editable except for the domain name).
  • Click "Skip" on the Publish page to complete the account creation

Got questions?

Here is a complete guide that shows you step-by-step how to navigate through Clubs.

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