HIKARI Enterprise Ltd. joins Clubs partner to build “Garbage collector DAO”

December 23, 2022

Collaboration to confront social issues in Web3 communities and DAOs.

Dev Protocol has entered into a partnership with Hikari Enterprise, Ltd. to provide the DAO tool “Clubs” to “Garbage Collector DAOs” to solve the marine litter problem by increasing the number of people involved in the process.

In response to the issue that the “garbage disposal process” is an area that is hidden from the general public and is difficult for people to see, HIKARI Enterprise, Ltd. has planned a “DAO where the general public and businesses work together on the marine debris disposal process. HIKARI Enterprise, Ltd. decided to join Clubs Partners based on the idea that “people who pick up trash, organizations that have permits and licenses to dispose of trash, and organizations that have the technology to dispose of trash” can create a foundation for contributing and supporting each other while leveraging their respective characteristics.

Dev Protocol and Clubs

As you may already know, Dev Protocol mission is to provide meaningful solutions for any person or organization looking for fundraising. The materialization of the stated mission is Clubs, a plug-and-play DAO tool. It upgrades any community to web3 in just one minute, and empowers creators with more sustainable funding support and superior community engagement tools.

Background of the Partnership

Club’s applications are only limited bt the imagination of creators. For example, Dev Protocol team entered into a partnership with HIKARI Enterprise, Ltd. to create, by using Clubs, the “Garbage collector DAO”, which solves the marine debris problem by increasing the population involved. Marine debris is any solid, man-made object that enters waterways either directly by littering or indirectly through storm drains, rivers, and streams.

With its headquarters in Bizen city, Okayama prefecture, HIKARI Enterprise, Ltd. is in the trash treatment business. However, its waste treatment process, which is only accessible from the management site, is not visible enough, preventing the public from socializing the problem, and taking part into actions to solve it.

According to Mr. Kawabuchi, a representative of HIKARI Enterprise, Ltd. , by creating a DAO, it will be possible to establish a foundation where people and organization with an environmental midset can contribute and support each other, while using Clubs’ unique characteristics to onboard, incentivise and manage partners. In that sense, general public and business operators can work together towards a common goal, the marine debris disposal process.

Token incentive mechanisms will reward individuals who think and act on behalf of the global environment and world waste issues. Garbage collectors DAO unite and encourage individuals with strong motivation to take actions against the marine debris to the next level. The DAO was founded based on a circular economy. That is why incentives will be given to DAO participants with the premise of “not treating garbage as garbage” following the 5Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse and Renewable).

About HIKARI Enterprise, Ltd.

As a “waste contractor” established in Bizen city, Okayama prefecture, HIKARI enterprises ltd. has amassed 20 years of expertise and accomplishments in garbage collecting and disposal operations with the aim of “community-based services.” In order to modernize the sector and introduce cutting-edge technology to the waste business, the company has set “Turn trash into valuable stuff” as its objective.

-Kaoru, Kent and Martin, Dev Protocol

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