DAO seminar at “Yamaguchi Future Creation Meeting"

March 25, 2024
Under the title "Gaining Knowledge on Sustainable Community Management”, the team of Frame00 held a seminar to create interaction spaces between stakeholders and young talent.

FRAME00, the developer of Clubs, a no-code Web3 platform, participated in the 1st Yamaguchi Future Creation Meeting held in Yamaguchi City on February 26, 2024, and provided a seminar on DAO to the users of the "Academy House”.

The Academy House is a co-working space for nurturing next-generation leaders that started in April 2021 as a Yamaguchi City project. It is a residential human resource development facility for younger, students and working adults, from different industries. Under the theme of "autonomy" x "practice" x "time-sharing," the facility offers a philosophy-based career development program to nurture the leaders of the next generation of leaders in the Yamaguchi region. The program lasts between 1 and 2 years.

The objective of the workshop was to provide the audience with valuable insight into sustainable community management based on the knowledge acquired from the various DAOs operated by Clubs and the governance knowledge compiled by our Swiss subsidiary.

Kaoru Kimura, business developer lead in Frame00, provided a case study as part of his team-building activities that led to the Idea-thon. A highlight during the seminar was the formation of a DAO centered on the Academy House integrated by the attendants to promote the development of young human resources and the creation of a place for co-creation by local stakeholders.

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