Crypto Café +100 members! 🎉

March 11, 2024

Hello Clubbers! We are extremely happy to announce that Crypto Café & Bar, operated by Digital Architecture Lab, surpasses the +100 members!

Crypto Café & Bar is located in Ebisu, Tokyo, and offers café service during the daytime and bar service on Tuesday and Friday nights. The membership purchase site is operated through the Clubs feature.

In addition to regular memberships, free pass tickets that can be used for a specific period using the Clubs feature called Tickets are now available. In addition to providing café and bar services, Crypto Café & Bar also offers co-working space use, various events, and space rental services.

Not only those who are interested in Web3 and crypto but also nomadic workers who want to work in a café have a drink in a stylish atmosphere... Anyone is welcome to use the café! They also have many upcoming events.

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