Clubs Starter Grant, Audiovisual Artist “Taito Otani” Joins!

January 12, 2023

The Asia art industry is back in business! According to Sotheby, the world’s largest, most trusted, and most dynamic marketplace for art and luxury, the art market is recovering to pre-pandemic levels. By accounting for nearly 36% of global turnover over the previous two years, Asia has eclipsed North America and Europe to become the world’s largest art market, by auction sales (Movius, 2022). However, what happens with newborn or emerging artists from non-traditional sectors who have not had access to industry networks or visibility spots? Easy-peasy, they have Clubs.

Given Dev Protocol’s mission to empower creators with web3 tools, Clubs is currently holding a “Clubs Starter Grant” program to support creators during the pre-registration period. This initiative is designed to assist first-time web3 creators with onboarding. Eligible applicants who register during the pre-registration period will have their first $MATIC gas bill covered.

Through the “Clubs Starter Grant” program, we are pleased to announce the participation of Taito Otani, a musician and multimedia artist who launched an initiative beyond the existing fan clubs.

A new way of creating artwork that transcends the relationship between fan and artist has emerged!

Community Overview

TAITO OTANI DAO, a tentative name for the Club, will have the goal of supporting, participating in, and collaborating with the production of artwork. In that sense, Taito’s content will be more enjoyable than ever before as, with Clubs, his fans can not only have exclusive access to productions but also collaborate with Taito.

Everything will begin with the acquisition of a non-fungible token (NFT), a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted or subdivided, or recorded in a blockchain. Tokenholders will get as benefits of:

  • Information about productions
  • Exclusive invitation to Live streamings
  • Max for Live device offerings
  • Sound packs

and much more!

However, that is only one side of the story. Tokenholders can also help with some specific tasks requested by Taito. For example:

  • Develop the global branding
  • Build and execute marketing and social media strategies
  • Look for new collaborations

The best part? DAO tokens will be distributed to collaborators based on their contributions, so, in Clubs, people will actually get paid to help their favorite artists.

Message from the artist

“I would like to start a DAO in the area of audiovisual art that explores the possibilities of sound and media and organize several projects within it to explore these possibilities with fans and collaborators. There is no greater joy than to see my work reach people who have never been reached before through the DAO.

As someone who loves making things, I would like to work on projects where I can share the process itself with others.

There are few examples of DAO in Japan, but I would like to start DAO as an artist and explore ways to create works and activities that have been difficult in the past.”

Taito Otani

About the artist

Born in 1995, Taito Otani is a musician, multimedia artist and director. He also holds a master’s degree in media science.

Some of Taito’s works land on sound design, installation, video, visual and interactive art, and soundtrack production. He started out in the development of entertainment content after working in the advertising sector. Using p5.js and processing, Taito has been experimenting with the fusion and expansion of music and graphics. The NINETEEN95 STUDIO, which he runs, offers interface creation for Max for Live.

His contribution to the Transactions of the Japan Society for Art Science and Technology and the Information Processing Society of Japan, “Live Interface for Free Speech for Audiovisual Performance,” demonstrates his involvement in academia. Additionally, he lectures at the Tokyo University of the Arts Max summer program.

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-Kaoru, Kent, and Martin, Dev Protocol


Movius, L. M. (2022, August 31). Sothebys.

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