Clubs Shop is now LIVE

January 25, 2024

Dev Protocol has released a new feature for its no-code Web3 platform, Clubs, called Clubs Shop. With the launch of this new feature, creators will be able to centrally manage their communities and stores within Clubs and offer special experiences for their members.

Clubs is a web3 platform for creators to set up a no-code community. Since the platform's launch last year, 12 plug-ins have been added and evolved to allow creators to create more free and engaging digital experiences.

With the introduction of a new feature, “Clubs Shop”, creators can now easily create their own collections and sell their creations with amazing ease. Creators can further interact with their fans through products and experiences within their own community ecosystem.

Clubs Shop: Seamless creation, unlimited possibilities

#1 Easy Creation

Create collections in a few simple steps, and each collection can hold an unlimited number of digital items* available for purchase.

#2 Timed Exclusive

Add a time-limited element to each collection by setting a customizable sales deadline. After the expiration date, the item becomes unavailable for purchase, increasing the rarity of the item.

#3 Sales quantity restrictions

Individual sales limits can be set for each item to maintain rarity and attractiveness over time.

#4 Unleashing creative potential

Sell not only products but also experiences such as event tickets and exclusive services. Energize the community ecosystem.

*Digital items are issued on the Polygon blockchain and recorded as a unique NFT in the world.

Install Clubs Shop

After signing in to Clubs and setting up your community, you can add it for free from the Marketplace.

official website :

Marketplace : developers | Admin (

Clubs guide :

Clubs is a no-code Web3 platform that empowers all ideas to grow, and with Clubs, you can connect with people all over the world at any time, regardless of the size of your business, to maximize the creativity of your community.

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