Clubs and Metawater partner to develop public infrastructure DAO.

February 19, 2024

Frame00 Inc. and Metawater Corporation have developed a SaaS-type service that allows users to start a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) optimized for public infrastructure to help solve Japan's infrastructure maintenance challenges.

Frame Double O (Frame00) is a blockchain development company pioneering a sustainable creator economy since 2018. Its flagship product is "Clubs” a no-code web3 platform that empowers and enables all ideas to grow with Web3 functionalities.

Metawater Corporation is a corporate group dedicated to water and environmental businesses that are an indispensable part of society and of people’s lives. It conducts business activities to maintain, renew, and sustain water and environmental infrastructure.

Some proper background first

In Japan, the infrastructure crisis is an alarming issue. By 2033, 60% of the current public infrastructure will be 50 years old. The aging infrastructure poses a significant challenge for governments and organizations, which is becoming more serious at an accelerating pace due to financial difficulties caused by the declining population and lack of skilled workers. Metawater (operator of water supply, sewage, and natural resources and environment in Japan and abroad) and Frame00 (pioneers sustainable creator economy through blockchain) decided to launch the project to start involving the community, which is the main user of the infrastructure facilities.

Metawater’s joint ventures in a nutshell

Based on the concept of creating a DAO, the SaaS-type service provided to Metawater consists of delivering the functionalities of Clubs for the maintenance and management of water and wastewater infrastructure.

Besides the member-centric functions of role management, Posts, staking, and voting, which are fundamental to incentivizing the community to join the DAO, the joint venture adventured (never better say it!) to implement a rewarding system, which allows users to design rewards within the DAO. These rewards can be on and off-chain depending on the type of the task, but they will be minted through Clubs to entrust their authenticity. In simple terms, the DAO will engage members with rewards to incentivize them to perform infrastructure-related tasks with the outcome to help the society as a whole.

As prospective members are not generalists in water infrastructure matters, Metawater will offer remote business and work support tools to achieve efficient and sustainable maintenance and management of water and wastewater infrastructure. Given the vast experience of the Japan-based water company, task requesters and help desk operators will empower the DAO members who want to contribute.

As prospective members are not generalists in water infrastructure matters, Metawater will offer business and work support tools to support the community members.

Main features

The service offers the following features:

  • Member management through NFTs: Accepts membership applications and issues NFTs as memberships.
  • CRM Compatible: The system can be integrated with a CRM, so users’ behavior on Clubs and Metawater can be used to perform analytics.
  • Log in by email: The wallet address associated with the email address is automatically created when you log in for the first time. The NFTs issued will be associated with this mail and stored in the wallet.
  • No-code platform tools: By selecting templates and plug-ins to match your style, you can easily create websites and post activity reports with ease.
  • Communication: Membership can be set to have different access to the posts feed, so you can decide what information each member can view.
  • Voting: Members can vote for different initiatives, exercising their representation in decision-making.
  • Incentive system: To engage the community in tasks, NFTs and rewards are given as proof of service when the job is done. This feature is linked to a proprietary tool developed by Metawater for remote work

Next steps

Clubs is committed to being the most accessible Web3 platform, empowering creators with tools to accelerate their projects to the moon! To achieve the latter, The DEV Protocol team is establishing partnerships to foster the network of DAOs, visualizing the decentralized economy and our platform potential. Metawater is a significant starting point!

Do you want your business to run a Club in the web3? Go to the Clubs’ website and unlock the potential of having a digital community managed by Clubs.

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