No-Code DAO Tool "Clubs" Launches Marketplace

April 10, 2023

Expand your web3 experience as you wish by publishing plugins and themes!

The Dev Protocol team, home of the $DEV token, has officially released a new feature , "Marketplace" for Clubs, a no-code DAO tool that allows you to bring your community to the web3 in just one minute.

■ About the new "Marketplace" feature

In the Marketplace, you can find plugins that allow you to customize your Clubs' designs, content, and features without the hassle of development work. With just 5 minutes, you can strengthen your community. Additionally, in this open Marketplace, developers from around the world can offer plugins, so even more attractive plugins will be available in the future.

What you can do with the plugin?

You can start web3 community and issue membership NFTs from the very first day. You can also enjoy exchanging messages through token-gated contact form that is unlocked only for NFT holders and customize it to your liking. With the latest web3 plugins available for immediate use, maximize the power of your community.

Examples of ready-to-use plugins include:

  • Membership (Monetization)
  • Contact form (Messaging)
  • Member list (Management)
  • Quests (Community activation)
  • Links (Content)

Marketplace URL:

<How to use the Marketplace>

1. Access and set up your club by choosing your preferred domain.

2. After setting up your club, you can access the Marketplace from the side menu in the dashboard.

* To publish a club, you need Matic for membership NFT issuance and token issuance.

* You can skip the publishing process and set it up later.

Let's publish your plugin in the marketplace.

The marketplace is an open platform for all developers, where anyone can register their open-source plugins. Publish your plugin, let creators around the world know about it, and help many people benefit from it.

Clubs supports developers to leverage the latest web3 technology. Use the guide, join the developer community, and take advantage of special programs.

📕Plugin Creation Guide (for Developers)

👬Developers DAO (Developer Community)

■ About Clubs

Clubs is a no-code DAO platform that incorporates the innovative Dev Protocol’s DAO framework. It enables entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and anyone else to gather funds and members to achieve their desired goals and grow their community by utilizing web3 technology. Clubs is free to start and use.

Clubs is in official collaboration with Polygon Studios.

■ About Dev Protocol

Dev Protocol has been pioneering the innovative Web3 sustainable creator economy since 2018. The technology enables a sustainable creator economy for Web3 through secure tokenization technology. The Japanese headquarters cooperates with the creator communities, while the Swiss subsidiary operates as a token-issuing entity and works with various institutions.

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