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Being a creator, or leading a project, is tough work!

Running out of cash is the #1
reason that projects fail. 🤑
CB Insights, 2021
Only 4 out of 10 crowdfunding projects will succeed. 👎
Kickstarter, 2022
Businesses lose 2 of 3 deals by not offering tangible incentives. 🤷
HBR, 2017


Editorials are looking for emerging writers to create mainstream and catchy content. However, how can they know if they are getting the proper person with solid materials? Even though writers can start a blog on Medium and receive outstanding feedback, it is not sustainable in the long run or, at least, once they have enough validation as proof for editorials.
Illustration by Icons 8 from Ouch!


The answer? They can open a community through Clubs at Writers can share a pre-reading with readers and ask for feedback, setting up memberships to get some funds while their author brand gets more attention.
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Writers by themself can create engaging stories, but communities will make those stories come alive. Editorials will stop their multiple-filter process and start using a writer with an active Club as a guarantee of success.
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A happy community is an engaged community, and a happy community makes for happy creators!

You can do it!

The time is DAO for an all-in-one, plug & play
no-code, ready-to-go solution!

Build a stunning online community space.
Tokenize your
idea or project.
Gain access to
stable Defi funding.
Provide perks &
rewards to supporters.
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