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Being a creator, or leading a project, is tough work!

Running out of cash is the #1
reason that projects fail. 🤑
CB Insights, 2021
Only 4 out of 10 crowdfunding projects will succeed. 👎
Kickstarter, 2022
Businesses lose 2 of 3 deals by not offering tangible incentives. 🤷
HBR, 2017
This is Sara. She sells the most delicious cupcakes in Idaho. But running a cupcake shop is hard work! From running her social media, to baking all day, to working at the store, to marketing to new customers, Sara is stretched thin and barely making ends meet. If only there was a better way…
Luckily Sara knows about Clubs from Dev Protocol! In just minutes, and with no coding skill, Sara sets up a space where her community can support her project and gain access to perks.
Sara’s community now has many ways to support her project, from monthly subscription services, to purchasing Sara’s brand new custom cupcake tokens. Clubs’ built-in Web3 tools make it easy!
Clubs also gives Sara access to help when and howshe needs it. With Quests, she can incentivize her supporters to help her with tasks like social media posts and more. By helping Sara, her community can earn additional tokens, special perks or limited NFTs!
Sara now provides weekly online cupcake cooking classes to her top subscribers!
Sara’s supporters are loving all the perks they gain access to by being a part of her Clubs community. And even better, with their support, they are helping Sara continue to do what she does best, bake cupcakes!
With access to sustainable funding, a community that is incentivized to support, and plug-and-play tools that take her project to Web3, Sara’s cupcake business is on a new path to success!
A happy community is an engaged community, and a happy community makes for happy creators!

You can do it!

The time is DAO for an all-in-one, plug & play
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idea or project.
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stable Defi funding.
Provide perks &
rewards to supporters.
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